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Welcome to Experience Detroit! This visitor's guide makes it easy for you to find the best things to do in Detroit. Unlike other city guides, we not only provide insight into each sight and attraction, we package them into self-guided tours complete with maps and directions. Simply choose a tour, grab a car and go!!!


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Fox Theater

Greenfield Village


Understanding Detroit

Have you ever run into someone visiting your town from southeastern Michigan? If you asked where they were from, it is likely they responded with "Detroit" and then went on to tell you they live in a suburb 30 miles outside the city. Why is this significant? For some, "I'm from Detroit" is a convenient way to avoid a description of the massive suburban sprawl experienced in the last several decades. But for many others, being from Detroit is a source of great pride.


There's no doubt Detroit has its share of rough spots. However, many visitors are mistakenly left with the impression that the entire city has befallen the same fate. The truth of the matter is Detroit is back in a big way, and there are many pockets both within the city itself and in the surrounding metropolitan area that are vibrant, progressive, and a heck of a lot of fun. It may surprise you that a place with such a tough and gritty reputation is home to many fine attractions, world-class entertainment, and a cultural fabric unlike that of any other city. You simply need to know where to go and be willing to take a short road trip to get there!


If you haven't done so already, arrange for a rental car first. Then, pick a tour or two and you're ready to Experience Detroit!!!




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