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Detroit Area Wine Tour


Bet you didnít know that Michigan is home to 92 wineries producing over 1 million gallons of wine, the majority from Michigan-grown grapes.With 14,600 acres of vines, Michigan is the fourth largest grape producing state and the eighth state in wine grape production in the United States.Michiganís cool climate produces clean, crisp, well-balanced wines that exhibit a varietal character.Most Michigan wine grapes are grown within 25 miles of Lake Michigan which is a bit of a hike from the Detroit area.But youíre in luck.A region just to the west of Detroit is home to a number of high-quality wineries offering many styles of wine, from dry to sweet including ice wine, sparkling, fortified, fruit wines, and eaux de vie (fruit brandy).This tour begins in iconic Ann Arbor and travels through the Irish Hills, a beautiful area of rolling countryside and 52 sparkling, spring-fed lakes.Take your time exploring this fantastic region and savoring some exceptional wines.And donít forget to stray off the beaten path!



Ann Arbor [A]

No better place to start your journey into Southeastern Michiganís wine country than Ann Arbor.Ann Arbor is consistently voted one of the top 100 places to live by major publications.It is home to the highly acclaimed University of Michigan and 40,000 students during the academic year.Not only is it the quintessential definition of a "college town", Ann Arbor is the knowledge center of the state of Michigan.The combination of world-renowned U of M research and the city's entrepreneurial spirit has made Ann Arbor a high-tech hub and launching pad for many startup companies.A safe urban environment infused with a variety of cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities make Ann Arbor well worth the visit.




Irish Hills [B-C]

History of Irish Hills dates back to the 19th century as a stopping point during the 5-day stagecoach trip between Detroit and Chicago.The early 20th century saw the region develop into a popular tourist destination, a theme that exists today.A unique combination of picturesque countryside peppered with the occasional tourist trap, there is something for everyone here.As you begin to explore this area, don't miss the 755-acre Hidden Lake Gardens, the Walter J. Hayes State Park, and the amazing views of the surrounding lakes and land as seen from the Twin Towers.Click here for our full US-12 and Irish Hills tour.


Pioneer Wine Trail [A-D]

Enjoy annual wine trail festivities and a rich variety of individual winery events throughout the year that showcase local flavor and culture.


Tour Map

Number of Destinations:3

Distance:95 miles

Overall Tour Time:1-2 days



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Extended Tour

Combine this excursion with our Highway to Hell Tour to see more of fantastic Southern Michigan.

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