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You may be surprised to find out that people do live in Hell. We're talking, of course, about the city of Hell, Michigan located 60 miles west of Downtown Detroit. But before you think about making a prank call and asking how hot it is or when Hell will freeze over, you need to know that residents here have heard it all. They would much rather you make a personal visit to find out for yourself. And that you should do, because the Road to Hell is, indeed, paved and is actually quite a pleasant drive. Making the journey here has been a cult favorite of Metro Detroiters for years and a highly popular route for motorcyclists and road bikers due to its mix of winding roads, rolling hills, rivers and lakes, and stops in several great Southern Michigan towns. Whatever route you take, the ultimate objective is to meet your destiny in Hell where a few unusual attractions await you. Fortunately, everyone we know has made it to Hell and back alive and well!


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UM Law QuadAnn Arbor [A]

Your journey to Hell begins somewhere much closer to Heaven. Ann Arbor is consistently voted one of the top 100 places to live by major publications. It is home to the highly acclaimed University of Michigan and 40,000 students during the academic year. Not only is it the quintessential definition of a "college town", Ann Arbor is the knowledge center of the state of Michigan. The combination of world-renowned U of M research and the city's entrepreneurial spirit has made Ann Arbor a high-tech hub and launching pad for many startup companies. A safe urban environment infused with a variety of cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities make Ann Arbor well worth the visit.



PRTCMarqueeChelsea [B]

This quaint town has two claims to fame much bigger than its size would suggest. The first is actor / writer / director Jeff Daniels, a native of Chelsea who still lives in this town of less than 5,000. In between Hollywood engagements, Daniels promotes business and cultural development in Michigan and is the founder of the Purple Rose Theatre dedicated to aspiring Midwestern acting, directing, and playwright talent. The other big name in town is the Chelsea Milling Company, best known for its "Jiffy" Baking Mix. This more-than-a-century-old company offers visitor tours on weekdays. And don't forget the variety of restaurants and shops that await you in Chelsea's charming downtown area.




Hell Country StoreHell [C]

As if a town named Hell wasn't strange enough, who would have imagined it being surrounded by so much water? That's because it is located on the north side of the Pinckney State Recreation Area, an 11,000-acre paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Dont worry about getting lost in the park, though, because it's hard to miss the "Hell " road signs pointing you to your destination. Unless, of course, they've been stolen as these collectibles frequently are. Once you've arrived, make sure to check out the Hell Country Store, the Dam Site Inn, and Screams Ice Cream from Hell where you can even get married in the wedding chapel out back (the cost is $66). The locals like to say that a marriage that starts in Hell has nowhere to go but up!

Brighton BoardwalkBrighton [D]Brighton Statue

Those that call Brighton home are one lucky bunch. The city is centrally located between two major commuter routes - Detroit to Lansing and Ann Arbor to Flint - and yet is surrounded by dozens of lakes, natural wetlands, and golf courses. The Brighton State Recreation Area, Island Lake Recreation Area, Kensington Metro Park, and Mt. Brighton Ski Resort are all within a few minutes drive. Downtown Brighton, situated adjacent to picturesque Mill Pond, treats visitors to a mix of shops, restaurants, outdoor art exhibits, a riverside boardwalk, and a 10,000 square foot playground for Kids called the "Imagination Station". Not a bad place to unwind after an action-packed day in Hell!

Tour Map

Number of Destinations: 4

Distance: 43 miles

Overall Tour Time: 1 day


Highway to Hell



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Extended Tour

Combine this excursion with our US-12 & Irish Hills Tour to explore even more of fantastic Southern Michigan.

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