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On June 4, 1896, Henry Ford drove his newly developed Quadricycle out of the tiny workshop behind his home on 58 Bagley Avenue and right into history. The success of this experimental vehicle paved the way for the eventual founding of the Ford Motor Company. Ford and several other courageous industrial pioneers quickly put Detroit on its path to becoming the automotive capital of the world.


To see all of the southeastern Michigan's automotive attractions very well could take you a lifetime. So we've developed three manageable day tours that will guide you to the best of the best. If time is limited, we recommend the "Must-See" attractions in Day Tour 1. But if your schedule allows, you will find Day Tours 2 and 3 very worthwhile as well. Regardless of which tour(s) you choose, you are bound to find Detroit's automotive attractions both exciting and educational.

tour_photosDay Tour 1: "Must-See" Dearborn Attractions

Henry Ford Museum

Greenfield Village

Automotive Hall of Fame

Day Tour 2: Other Dearborn Attractions

Henry Ford Estate -- Fair Lane

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Day Tour 3: Detroit Automotive Attractions

World's First Concrete Mile

Nation's First Modern Highway

Ford Piquette Plant (Birthplace of the Model T)

Detroit Historical Museum

GM World

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