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Rivertown -- detroityesDetroit's Forgotten Landmarks



Undoubtedly, there is a melancholy side of the Detroit story. Economic challenges, crime, racial tensions, and decaying infrastructure are just a few of the chapters. To hide this from ourselves or visitors is to deny reality. Fortunately, the epilogue of the story is a positive one and is still being written. It is filled with opportunity for those that can see through the rubble and recognize the monumental transformation taking place. Through hard work and partnership, the entire southeastern Michigan region is contributing to Detroit's rise from the ashes. They're reinvesting, redeveloping, and restoring at a rapid pace. We hope this trend continues and offers new life to more historic buildings and landmarks. Put yourself in an optimistic frame of mind and then click on the links below to find out where Detroit has been. And then check out our Revitalization page to find out where Detroit is going!


The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Forgotten Detroit





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